Making a difference

The Code

The Code of Conduct for the Protection of Children from Sexual Exploitation in Travel and Tourism. 

Internet Digital Filtering

An internet and website filtering system to block websites that host child sexual abuse images.

Financial Coalition

This is an international cooperation to add another barrier to people making electronic payments to purchase illegal child sex abuse images on the Internet.

Online Safety for Children 

Introducing a new safe, fun website for children to learn how to stay safe on the Internet.

Child ALERT Hotline

Download and install Child ALERT hotline today to better protect your children.

You heard it here

14 arrested in sting  

A large scale criminal child porn ring has been busted in the US and fourteen people charged with running the highly organised and secretive operation.
2 NZ boys were identified among other victims. The number of subscribers to this child sex abuse ring was quite staggering and again demonstrates the demand for this illegal content.

Online child sex abuse ring busted 

It takes a network to defeat a network! This is the message behind this collaborative effort by Customs, Police and Internal Affairs in breaking a child sex abuse ring involving some NZers.”

Media giants move to combat child sex abuse images on the Internet

Google has agreed to introduce changes which will prevent child pornography from appearing from more than 100,000 different searches. Microsoft is introducing similar restrictions. TV One Interview.

How you can help

20 years working in NZ

ECPAT enters 20th year working in New Zealand. We are committed to continue our fight against child abuse of any form both within New Zealand and overseas. Join us!

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Can you help us to build a volunteer network throughout New Zealand? Our man in Westport! A great effort by our West Coast Volunteer Representative.

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The photographs on this website are of models and do not depict victims of child sexual exploitation.