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Shopping at the ECPAT Child ALERT is great way to show your support and to spread the organisation’s message. But most importantly, you know the money you give will be used to prevent the sexual exploitation of children.


The Ultimate Challenge

By Ron O'Grady, Founder of ECPAT, Honorary President of ECPAT International
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This book, The Ultimate Challenge, is the story of one man’s extraordinary journey through life and reveals his inner strength and courage when faced with unexpected challenges.

You will find this book, The Ultimate Challenge, an inspiring read.
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Speaking for Ourselves

Published July 2010, by ECPAT Child ALERT
From research by advocacy worker, Serafin Dillon
RRP $10.00

Speaking for Ourselves provides a platform for 13 young people who were sexually exploited in Auckland to talk of their experiences, their opinions, their hopes and dreams. The stories highlight the incredible courage and resilience of the young people involved in this project.

The stories told in this book are extracts from research carried out by Dillon in association with ECPAT Child ALERT. ECPAT Child ALERT acknowledges the time given by these young people, by agencies that assisted and donors that facilitated the costs involved.
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ECPAT Child ALERT Greeting Cards


Cheap greeting cards – but with a special meaning. The card artwork was done by children living in difficult situations. All proceeds will go to helping vulnerable children from sexual exploitation! Buy your packs of 10 or 20 (envelope included) at the very low cost of $10 for 10 and $15 for 20 (including postage to your address) while stocks last.

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The photographs on this website are of models and do not depict victims of child sexual exploitation.