About us

ECPAT NZ has been protecting children and young people from sexual exploitation since 1993.

We encourage everyone in Aotearoa to speak up when they suspect child sexual exploitation. We have seen ordinary kiwis make an incredible difference in keeping our children safe.

ECPAT Child Alert Trust (ECPAT NZ) leads and participates in national and international activities that identify, prevent, and address commercial sexual exploitation of children. This includes combating issues around domestic and international trafficking of children for sexual purposes, online sexual abuse material, exploitation within travel and tourism, child marriage, families, gangs, and any other form of child sexual abuse with a transactional component.

Through a multifaceted approach that includes research, specialist trainings, campaigning, advocacy, legal submissions, interviews, and educational resources, we have ensured that legal and policy issues around the sexual exploitation of children are raised. We work collaboratively with relevant sectors, government agencies, and communities to prevent tamaraki and rangatahi being sexually exploited.

ECPAT NZ currently sits on the:

  • National Combatting Child Sexual Exploitation Group
  • MBIE led Reference Group for the all-of-government Plan of Action for Combatting Modern Forms of Slavery
  • Modern Slavery and Labour Exploitation Advisory Group
  • Digital Child Exploitation Filtering System Independent Reference Group
  • Human Trafficking Research Coalition.


ECPAT NZ works for a world where children are free from all forms of sexual exploitation. This includes underage sex work, domestic and international trafficking, child marriage, survival sex, and online sexual exploitation. 


ECPAT NZ acts to uphold the fundamental rights for children to be free from all forms of sexual exploitation. We work for a world in which no child can be bought, sold, or used for sex.


The rights of children are central

Respectful approach mindful of the dignity of every individual

Fair and equitable relationships

Partnership and collaborative approach.

Our International Context

ECPAT NZ is part of the global ECPAT International movement founded in the 1980s within Southeast Asia by a small team including Ronald O’Grady, a New Zealander and former Honorary President of ECPAT International. The focus of this movement was centred on combating child sexual exploitation linked to sex tourism in the Southeast Asia region.

In 1990, the international movement progressed into a three-year campaign which was then extended for four years in 1993. By 1997, ECPAT International had evolved into the comprehensive international non-governmental organisation (NGO) that it is today.