Referral Pathways

Child Sexual Exploitation Material
Pathway Map for Victim-Survivors

In the absence of a national referral mechanism for victim-survivors of commercial sexual exploitation in Aotearoa, it can be challenging to navigate the services available. Particularly for those who have experienced trauma, it can feel nearly impossible to self-advocate for support when pathways are not clear. If you, or someone you are working with or supporting, have been sexually exploited, this map aims to show what options exist for help along the journey.

Risk Factors
  • Past experience of abuse/sexual abuse
  • Parental history of child abuse victimisation
  • Parental problems e.g. intimate partner violence
  • Parenting problems e.g. low quality of parent-child relation
  • A non-nuclear family structure e.g. having a stepfather
  • Disability
  • Poor mental health
  • On-going impacts of colonisation
  • Chronic physical health issues
  • Family problems e.g. social isolation
Family facilitated images
Explicit Live Streaming
Online child sexual abuse material
Non-consensual sharing of self-created content
CSEM Image
Identified by the child pictured
Identified by whānau or community member
Identified by NCMEC or international law enforcement
Identified via banking transactions
Frontline Police
Oranga Tamariki Contact Centre
NZ Police (FIU)
Victim Identification Taskforce
Department of Internal Affairs (OCET)
NZ Police (OCEANZ Team)
NZ Customs (CEOT)
Other Support??
Oranga Tamariki Ministry for Children
NZ Police (District Child and Youth Teams)
Court Victim Advisors
Other Support
Sexual abuse assessment and treatment service
Community MH Crisis Teams
Cultural Support
Sexual violence support / Kaupapa Maori SV Services
Victim support


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