Referral Pathways

Commercial sexual exploitation of Children
Pathway Map for Victim-Survivors

Risk Factors
  • Past experience of abuse/sexual abuse
  • Immigration status
  • Mental health
  • Involvement in the child welfare/protection system
  • Disengagement from family support system
  • Substance use
  • Placement in group homes
  • Disability
  • Disengagement from school system
  • On-going impacts of colonisation
  • Sexual orientation and gender identity
  • Homelessness
  • Running away
  • Economic instability
Trafficked by organised gangs
Survival sex
Trafficked by a partner or family member
Underage “Sex work”
CSEC Image
Support sought by young person
Identified by whānau or community member
Identified by social services worker
Identified by Immigration NZ
Avenues of initial support seeking
ECPAT NZ Netsafe Crimestoppers
Helplines e.g. safe2talk
Healthcare Providers
Women’s refuge
Religious Institutions
Schools / ECE / Guidance Counsellors
Marae-based healthcare / support
Refugee resettlement support
Addressing offending behaviour
Oranga Tamariki
NZ Police
Court Victim Advisors
Community based psycho-social support
Health NZ Child Protection / SAATS
Community MH Crisis Teams
Sexual violence support / Kaupapa Maori SV Services
Victim support
Cultural Support
Peer support?
Education support


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