ECPAT Child ALERT acts to uphold the fundamental rights for children in Aotearoa New Zealand to be free from all forms of commercial sexual exploitation. We lead and participate in national and international activities that identify, prevent and address commercial sexual exploitation of children. This includes addressing issues around domestic and international trafficking of children for sexual purposes, online sexual abuse material and underage sex work. ECPAT Child ALERT’s earlier focus on public awareness-raising, law reform and advocacy has expanded to include online safety initiatives, specialist training, research and community education. 

Through legal submissions, media releases, interviews and public debate, ECPAT Child ALERT has ensured that CSEC issues are addressed in law reform. A number of research papers by ECPAT Child ALERT have been published, including papers on the involvement and victimisation of children in commercial sexual activity. ECPAT Child ALERT works collaboratively with relevant sectors on the prevention of child sexual exploitation, involving health practitioners, social services, law enforcement, local councils, teachers, youth advocates and members of the public.