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Te Whāriki Whakaaro o ngā Kaimahi Taiohi

ECPAT NZ’s Te Whāriki Whakaaro o ngā Kaimahi Taiohi (Community of Practice – CoP) meets via Zoom every other month. It is a virtual space for trained social and community workers who support tamariki and rangatahi affected by commercialised sexual exploitation, those who wish to increase their knowledge, or those who have a particular interest in combatting the issue.

Practitioners interested in contributing to the provision of best practice services and helping to protect tā tātou tamariki katoa from sexual exploitation will find like-minded peers in the CoP we coordinate. Our members also have the opportunity to contribute to local, national and international advocacy efforts that may positively impact their community.

Online peer-to-peer discussions and guest speaker sessions are hosted, providing a regular chance to exchange knowledge including about best practice, service provision, generic child sexual exploitation casework issues, referral information, relevant social work theories, practice models/tools and reflections on related SWRB Core Competencies. There is also a focus on relevant policy setting and legislation, submissions and advocacy opportunities, and current news.

Through the CoP, we aim to connect with and maintain an engaged and skilled frontline workforce who know how to recognise and respond to instances of child sexual exploitation. ECPAT NZ refines and updates its resources based on any new best practice that emerges from the CoP. We communicate CoP member-identified trends or issues that are impacting the way that commercial sexual exploitation of children is manifesting in Aotearoa to government and non-gorvernment agencies. Member insights into the way that sexual exploitation of children is presenting in their communities is invaluable in informing ECPAT NZ’s advocacy at a national and international level.

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