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Referral Pathways

We know how hard it can be to identify that you are being sexually abused or exploited for food, money, shelter or drugs, let alone reach out for support or navigate services. ECPAT NZ has developed a visual guide to help you figure out how to get help and where to get it from, whether you are seeking support for yourself or on behalf of a friend, family member or client.

We can also help you access the support that you are entitled to. Please reach out to our Engagement Facilitator to start a conversation.

We completed the Referral Pathways Project in 2022 with the support, input, and engagement of both government agencies and community organisations. This resulted in the establishment of Aotearoa’s first mapped out referral pathways for tamariki and rangatahi who are identified domestically as having been victims of commercial sexual exploitation, and pathways for those who have been identified to domestic services as depicted in online child sexual abuse material.

Aotearoa has various services that are well placed to support victim-survivors of commercial sexual exploitation and child sexual abuse material, and many of them took part in this project. However, there exist considerable limitations to how they operate as a system, meaning that victim-survivors face unnecessary challenges in their recovery journeys. These, alongside the barriers identified on the maps, inform ECPAT NZ’s ongoing advocacy work to improve services for victim-survivors.

ECPAT NZ hopes mapping these referral pathways will assist, support, and guide frontline workers and advocates who are working with rangatahi and tamariki towards ensuring their safety and wellbeing. The maps and any other resources developed are available to any organisation or practitioner committed to working together in building safer communities and environments where sexual exploitation of children does not exist.