We provide training on issues relating to the commercial sexual exploitation of children including online sexual abuse material, underage sex work, survival sex, international sex trafficking and domestic sex trafficking. Building off of our previous 101 workshops, we provide training on how to recognise the commercial sexual exploitation of children as well as how to respond appropriately in different situations.

In 2022 we are able to offer a number of trainings free of charge thanks to contributions from our generous funders. Private trainings and specialist topics may incur a small fee to cover traval and trainer costs. We provide in-person training when possible and also offer a series of new online training modules.

Our trainer for 2021/22 is Claire Larsen (sexual violence crisis response).

If you require a training tailored to your workplace please get in touch with our Engagement Facilitator Claire Larsen by emailing her at engagement.facilitator@ecpat.org.nz